American Lift & Equipment, Inc. is an excellent source for almost any type of attachment that you might need. We sell and or install everything from off the shelf attachments (such as rotators and pipe stabilizers) to custom designed and engineered attachments (such as 80,000lb manipulators and rotators). Below is some of the products that we can offer:

Pipe stabilizers, rotators/dumpers, coil steel handlers, fork positioners/clamps, marble, granite & stone slab clamps, drum handlers, carton clamps, paper clamps, forge/foundry tongs; clamps; and rotators, booms, cranes, jibs, fork extensions, keg handlers, building material handlers, riggers booms, coil hooks, skid steer carriages, forks of all sizes, man baskets, fork mounted trailer hitch, integral side shifting carriages with up to 110,000lbs capacity, masts, etc.

Just let us know what you need to handle/move and we’ll help you come up with a solution.