KALMAR DCE160-12 w/coil steel forks

2005 Kalmar DCE-160-12 forklift. 16,000 – kg (35,000-lbs) capacity at 1,200mm (47″) load center. This nice 5,000 hour forklift has 120″ 2 stage mast with side shift, and fork positioners. This machine was special ordered with 96″ “kissing” forks beveled on the outside edges to allow it to handle coils of steel without damage and also allowing it to be used as a standard forklift. This is a very nice machine with fresh paint.

Very nice 35,000lb @48″ load center capacity Kalmar with kissing forks

Kalmar forklift, 35,000lbs @ 48″ load center
Beveled kissing forks for coil steel